Are you tired of how your PC looks? Or how it performs? At Laptop & PC Repair Point Centre we can help. We know how to improve your PC performance wise and looks wise.

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This has become a serious problem for all sectors of the digital domain with the majority of threats being targeted toward businesses where the potential to profit is particularly attractive.

Cyber-attacks are the hostile actions that are launched against computer networks, databases or personal devices by so-called “hackers” in order to steal, disrupt, change or delete the data or information systems of others, usually for personal gain either financially or to benefit in terms of business advantages or even just to cause malicious disruption.

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Have you ever forgotten your password? It can be a bit of a problem, can’t it? Not knowing your password is pretty annoying. You can’t access your account or use the computer; no access to your data. That’s the real annoying part when you can’t access all your important data.

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