5 Common Computer OS issues

Imagine, you are working for your important project on your computer, and bam an error message comes across your screen. What would you do?

Well, most of the complex issues can be solved by some technical support services. And there are endless of these problems that hamper your device. Generally, you would run to a computer repair and laptop repair shop. But, sometimes, you don’t need to panic, because there are certain problems that each and of every computer/laptop owner is facing. Well, that doesn’t mean you should take these issues lightly, but knowing and recognizing some common OS issues would help in saving time and money. So don’t yell fix my computer every time you come across with these common issues and stay calm because you are going to decipher what your pc is saying.

Common Computer OS Issues

Blue Screen of Death

Commonly known as BSOD, makes your computer blank. All you can see is the blue screen with an error message. After a deep look at the screen, most of the people just declare their laptop/desktop as dead. But, this isn’t the problem that requires much of the technical support. In a technical language, it’s just a stop error. This may be due to some hardware issues or due to corrupted software or due to driver problems and sometimes, all you need to do is to just restart your computer. But, if the problem persists, you should immediately take this to a pc support service.

DLL File Missing

A missing DLL file means issues with the operating system in performing some specific functions. You may across hundreds of times when your computer’s dynamic link library gets damaged. The problem occurs when you try to carry out certain operations such as saving some documents. At that time your pc doesn’t know how it should respond. And that basically is due to the missing DLL file. Well, many technical support services say that you don’t worry and you could save your pc my downloading this DLL file again to your computer.

Unable to Install Application

Sometimes, when you try to install an application, your pc doesn’t let you do this specific task. You think of downloading software, but wonder how would I fix my computer when I can’t even download the application? Well, this is just due to a lack of hard drive space. All you need to do is to free some space by deleting unnecessary files. You don’t require any laptop repair and computer repair service for this, right?

Applications are Running Slow

Sometimes when you didn’t update your operating system or drivers, the pc start running slowly. Every Time you open an application it just runs with a turtle speed. This could even occur due to a lack of space in your hard drive. So, just cleaning the drive and updating the software and the operating system would make your computer run smooth.

Abnormal Behaviour

Probably, one of the strangest errors. Issues like, not being able to see the top margin in a word document. It’s there in the printout though. Makes you crazy, right? Generally, restarting your computer would solve it, but if strange things keep happening then better to go for pc support services.

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