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The server i am using is an Asus TS500-E6/PS4 which has an Z8NA-D6 motherboard. It seems the RAID card is sharing an interrupt with some APIC device “IR-IO-APIC-fasteoi” i’ll try to disable some APIC stuff in the bios first or switch the RAID card to another PCIe slot. I don’t seem to get the Adaptec 6405 RAID card working though, i am experiencing 1 up several minute periods of hangs where the system just stalls. The systemlog shows me many time out errors. I would like to install CentOS 6 in a configuration where the boot drive is located on an Adaptec 6405 SAS/SATA RAID controller.

  • Within each depot, you’ll see the images and its vSphere Installation Bundles .
  • But during the time the Theo claims that he’s cared about AAC, he NEVER ONCE CONTACTED ME!
  • Now, the reason why most people would run ASPIchk is to find out what ASPI layers they have installed after trying without success to install CDRIdentifier or other ID programs like that.
  • A kernel with thePAE feature enabled will detect memory above 4 gigabytes and allow it to be used by the system.

These partitions are used by madam directly without putting a filesystem onto the single disk. Is this a strange way or the usual way of preparing the disks. To me it sounded logical doing it this way because I need a filesystem on the md volume and not on disk level. However a new controller without seeing a filesystem might think it is an empty disk. But this is only guessing about other causes of problems.

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Some motherboards feature a “Memory Hole at 15 Megabytes” option required for certain VGA video cards that require exclusive access to one particular megabyte for video memory. Later video cards using the AGP bus can have 256 MB memory with 1 GB aperture size. In DOS memory management, conventional memory, also called base memory, is the first 640 kilobytes of the memory on IBM PC or compatible systems. It is the read-write memory directly addressable by the processor for use by the operating system and application programs.

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In general I dont think the current Adaptec Storage Manager can be used to configure the embedded raid controllers. If you find and older version you may have some success. The Adaptec Storage Manager sorta works but doesn’t really get me where I want to be. It doesn’t “see” the individual drives that make up the array. It can however be 1) monitored remotely, 2) send email notification and 3) send SNMP traps.

Xilinx XC6200-based reconfigurable hardware Adaptec drivers download cards compatible with the HOT1 from Virtual Computers . Recording and other features of these cards are not supported. PCM support is limited to 48kHz/16 bit stereo (192kHz/24 bit part of this chipset is not supported). The rc driver provides support for the SDL Communications RISCom/8 boards. This is not an exhaustive list; please consult product documentation for an up-to-date list of supported media.

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So if they want you to write your own driver you’d need to know those software tricks they have to get the hw working. Anyway, the point is that his goals should be supported by all open source groups because this will help out all the BSD camps and the Linux camps as well. It would even help out those hobby OS’s that are regularly mentioned on this site. So only difference to the situation now, is the extra effort for compiling a new kernel. Oh, and “official” support is only for a generic kernel so you won’t get help with a buggy “adaptec-kernel” anymore until this situation is resolved. No matter what you think about Theo I think the whole silly part should be aimed at the HW industry.