Battery Drains Out Quickly? Here’s what you can do

Laptop Battery Draining can occur due to many reasons, but you can surely prevent the battery from draining out by applying some simple solutions we’ve shared with you.

You are doing some important work on your laptop as usual and suddenly the fully charged battery betrays you and runs out of charge. Hence, the laptop shuts down, and all the important work vanes away. Just like any other component of a laptop, the battery can also have an issue and it can drain.

You should apply these tips to save the battery from draining out, and extending its life, because the battery is, after all, the life of your laptop.

Adjusting the Brightness:

Keep a check on the brightness level on your laptop screen, it’s not only good for your eyes, but it also plays an important role in preserving the battery life. A higher brightness level increases the load on the battery. Therefore, it should be kept on a normal level.

You can regulate the brightness in the Control Panel of your system.

Power Usage Configurations will Help You:

Your laptop has got all the necessary configurations for saving energy consumption. You can tune your laptop for automatically going into sleep mode in case of inactivity for a pre-selected time period. This helps in conserving power and battery life to a great extent.

During the sleep mode, many of the unnecessary features will automatically turn off, causing preservation of the battery power and life. Ensure the correct timings of sleep mode according to your usage to avoid interruptions.

Keep Check on the Connectivity Settings:

You should keep an eye on the Wi-Fi connection settings on your laptop. Keeping the Wi-Fi settings on even when you don’t need them will consume more power. You should only keep the Wi-Fi on when you need it. Other sharing connections like Bluetooth are also subject to this caution.

Keep the add-on devices away when not in use:

We use various plug and play devices according to different needs like a pen drive, mouse, keyboard, external hard-disk, webcams, etc. But, these add-ons consume a considerable amount of battery power. So, it is advisable to remove these devices when not in use. Even when we are using them, we should be careful about using them for too long.

Close the Unnecessary Programs:

By following this step, you can not only save the power consumption of your system, but you’ll also save the RAM consumption, resulting in the smooth functioning of your system. You can manage the programs through the Task Manager. Here you can close the unnecessary programs and the useless programs running in the background.

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