What You Need for the Perfect Gaming Set Up

The Perfect Gaming Set Up is a lot of high quality, top of the end stuff. As a company we have had a high demand for us to go out to customers’ homes to go out and set-up their Gaming PCs etc.

PC gaming is basically one of the coolest corners of technology today. Between the powerful processors and the top of the end graphics cards, computers are more powerful than ever. And, beyond the desktops of power, gaming monitors are only getting bigger and accessories for the PC gaming side are only getting better. When you add up all these factors, there’s never been a better time for PC gaming. Just to show you guys this, we will talk about what you need for the perfect gaming set-up.

A good example of a gaming motherboard is Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 which is priced at around £135. It is a good motherboard and is built to last. We recommend an i7-8700 processor to match this motherboard and provide its highest potential performance. This part is aorund £300. This motherboard requires DDR4 RAM so the best RAM I recommend is HyperX Fury RAM. Each stick 8GB. This component is around £175. This will ensure that your PC is running at the best possible speed it can. In a gaming PC I would install a 1000GB Samsung SSD. These are a lot faster than a standard HDD and are great for performance and speed. A Game Max power supply unit is a must in a gaming pc. It will ensure every part is receiving the right amount of power to make the computer reach its full potential performance. This component costs around £90. I recommend, as a user of this product myself, the EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Gaming ACX3.0 Graphics Card. This is an exceptional graphics card which takes gaming to a whole new visual level. Its costs around £255. If needed I would consider the Asus DVD-RW Optical drive. It costs around £15. Finally, you need to pick a PC case. I’m going to leave that up to you as everyone has a unique taste.