Creating PC Network Workgroups

Running a home or office network is essential in this day and age. Modern hardware and software has reduced the complexities of configuring networks to a few setup screens and often comes free with an internet connection.

However, it can still prove to be a daunting task for the inexperienced as troubleshooting problems can often occur due to instructions not being very clear and modems and routers needing additional configuring.

If you want to connect and share files with other PC's from an onsite server or work in the cloud, Laptop Repair Point Centre can setup your home and office networks for any number or range of devices.

We can setup a network in your office environment and hardwire any number of computers to the same server so that computers can share files locally and work on the same databases.

Whether it's a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or wireless local area network (WLAN), we will have the right solution for you. We will also show you cloud options.

We also maintain and fix connectivity problems on existing systems and provide printers shared drives solutions. Accessing all files from one drive from any computer, laptop or phone can be achieved easily with our assistance.

Call 02920 026154 or 07807 435 053 today for further details and to arrange a free site visit to your home or office.

pc network cables to serverpc network virtual diagram

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