Get Faster Speeds From Your Computer, Better Graphics and More Memory

Whether your system needs an upgrade or a rebuild, Laptop Repair Point Centre will find the right solution for you. Our Knowledge is incredible and we won't be beaten on service or price.

Computers are built from a variety of different components. Most of them are upgradable and replaceable making it easy to customise your PC to suit your exact requirements.

Whether you need better graphics capabilities for gaming, improved performance for a quicker PC or extra storage for films and media, we have the components you need to get the best from your computer.

We stock a wide range of parts and can order any other parts you require within 1-2 working days. Whether you want a DVD Rewriter, a faster processor, memory, sound or graphics cards, we can source you any type of part you require.

We have also developed a custom upgrade system designed to give you the maximum life from your computer without the stress of having to check for compatibility.

It enables you to quickly and easily purchase upgrades for your computer and we will check your computer for compatibility and notify you of any issues.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you improve you PC. Call 02920 026154 or 07807 435 053 today to see how we can make your computer even better.

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