Password Removal

Have you ever forgotten your password? It can be a bit of a problem, can’t it? Not knowing your password is pretty annoying. You can’t access your account or use the computer; no access to your data. That’s the real annoying part when you can’t access all your important data.

Most computer companies you go to will offer to wipe your computer so you can start using your computer again however this way you lose all your important data. They make you believe that this is the only way to get past a forgotten password however at Laptop & PC Repair Point Centre we have the right tools and experienced, qualified technicians who can remove your password without losing any of your data and everything stays the same.

Our Stock

At the workshop we have a variety of different Mac screen for different models. All our screens are brand new and original apple iMac screen replacement. On the off chance that we can’t go through with you IMac screen repair, we won’t charge you anything. We won’t charge a single penny unless we carry out a repair for your IMac. We work strictly on a no fix no fee basis.

Our Promise

If already have a previous company who does your repairs, Take a chance as we can provide you with extremely high quality work with great turnover times and competitive prices. We can assure you that if you take us on to do your repairs you will be content with all our work and our staffs attitude towards you and your goods. We treat every customer like our own and will try our very best to provide you with better service than anyone else out there. P.s we’ve been in this business for over 15 years.

If you do need a Password Removal then call us on 02920 026154 or visit us at the Laptop & PC Repair Point Centre