If you are encountering problems with your computer or laptop try this computer repair advice top tips as your first call for help. This, how to, computer repair advice and support guide provide useful troubleshooting tips for fixing your pc or laptop hardware or software when it malfunctions. This tutorial provides a guide for computer problems and solutions for various pc hardware and software problems.

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  1. Introduction:

Microsoft Windows installation is nowadays mostly carried out using USB flash drives. This method is more convenient when compared to the traditional CD/DVD drive method. However, small number of users may still be using the traditional CD/DVD drives for installing windows due to its simplicity. In this article the focus is on preparing external bootable USB drives, which can be external USB flash drive or external USB hard drive. However, the same rule will still apply if you are using a CD/DVD drive with a slight difference.

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There is often the question to individuals and businesses whether it is worth paying for Internet Security software. There is an abundance of free antivirus software out there with unlimited updates which makes you wonder.

The most basic levels of antivirus products are free and paid antivirus, suites and premium suites, As you move up levels you usually get more features such as parental controls, mail filters, identity theft protection, device location, firewalls and system performance tools. But to determine whether a paid subscription is worth it, we offer a comparison below:

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System was launched in 2009 as a successor to Windows Vista & although it has since been superseded by several newer Systems (the latest being Windows 10) it is still considered to be one of the best versions to be released in terms of feature content & ease of use, particularly from the viewpoint of the average user.

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Are you tired of how your PC looks? Or how it performs? At Laptop & PC Repair Point Centre we can help. We know how to improve your PC performance wise and looks wise.

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This has become a serious problem for all sectors of the digital domain with the majority of threats being targeted toward businesses where the potential to profit is particularly attractive.

Cyber-attacks are the hostile actions that are launched against computer networks, databases or personal devices by so-called “hackers” in order to steal, disrupt, change or delete the data or information systems of others, usually for personal gain either financially or to benefit in terms of business advantages or even just to cause malicious disruption.

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Have you ever forgotten your password? It can be a bit of a problem, can’t it? Not knowing your password is pretty annoying. You can’t access your account or use the computer; no access to your data. That’s the real annoying part when you can’t access all your important data.

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