Think You’re Safe?

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

Nowadays, with the rise of censorship, tracking, and internet hacking, VPNs are something casual users are considering, and that’s probably a good idea.

It’s pretty easy to get a VPN app from Microsoft, Google, or Apple store and install it with a few clicks on a button. Typically only basic configuration is needed. You no longer have to be a security expert to protect your right to privacy.

As you can see from this popular VPN website, VPNs aren’t extremely expensive either. In fact, you can get a pretty robust VPN with strong encryption for as low as the cost of two coffees a month.

Here are five reasons why you probably should be using a VPN:

Device Protection

How many times have you logged onto Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, store, or airport to take advantage of the free connection? It’s easier than you think for a malicious hacker to sniff out your information, or even fool you into connecting to a fake site, giving them the ability to download malware straight to your computer or phone.

VPN tunnels send data from a server straight to your phone; all data is encrypted. That means that even if you are on an unsafe network, hackers won’t be able to interfere, or even see what you’re doing.

Evade Tracking

VPNs direct all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. You have the option to choose a server in any location, and choose a different IP. This can be useful if you need to access sites at work or school when the network is severely restricted, blocking various sites, but accessing these sites will enhance your studies or work.

Avoid Being a Commodity

Without GDPR regulations internet service providers could collect and sell your data as they would like? Every time you logged online, every move you made was tracked and monetized. Congratulations, to advertisers, you, as a person was a product.

However, every time you give GDPR consent,  advertisers can buy your internet history so they can analyze what sites you visit, where you currently shop, what your interests are, and more so that they can make their advertisements more appealing to you.

There are also no guarantees that the website you are viewing online is complying with GDPR rules, as there are still websites which have not responded to GDPR changes and some websites will only be giving the illusion of compliance.  Worse still malicious websites may even us a bogus GDPR consent form to trick users into believing their website is legitimate.

Access geo-blocked Content

Some countries in the world are subject to censorship or a government controlling what people see online, if you are visiting one of these countries, a VPN will bypass content restrictions so you can access simple streaming services like Netflix and YouTube or your religious or political content.

Privacy is a Right, Not a Privilege

In the UK nowadays we can’t go anywhere without being caught on a surveillance camera. We’re followed and watched by advertisers, cell networks, and tracked by social media sites and our ISPs. If you believe that privacy is a right, not a privilege, look into a VPN. You don’t have to be doing anything wrong to be spied on.

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