What Are Your Options For a Broken iPhone Screen

This is true that iPhone has a strong touch screen and it is hard to have any scratch on it. But it is not free from damage and a serious impact on the hard surface can break your iPhone screen. In that situation, you may wonder what to do, and we have answers for you. Below we are sharing some points that can tell you what your options for a Broken iPhone Screen are and how to deal with it.#

If your iPhone is in warranty

If your iPhone screen is damaged and your phone is under warranty, then you do not get any benefit with it. iPhone or any electronic consumer does not cover the accidental damage. That means you will have to pay the for the screen replacement even if it is in warranty. However, this does not mean you should look for the cheapest shop to get it repaired. In this case, you need to find an apple authorized firm for the screen replacement. With this decision, you can save the warranty on your entire iPhone, and you can get better results as well. We can fix your screen under 30min!

If you bought the AppleCare warranty

If you have an extended AppleCare warranty, then you should go directly to the apple authorized service center after breaking your iPhone screen. In most of the cases, AppleCare warranty covers few accidental damages including a broken screen. For this repair, you might need to pay a small fee which his negligible compared to the actual cost. Things may vary depending on your insurance provider and situation, but AppleCare can cover the damage in this particular matter.

If you can upgrade your iPhone

After using your iPhone for two years, you get eligibility to upgrade it with the latest model at a discounted price. A Broken screen is an excellent motivator to try the upgrade option at a discounted price. However, you need to understand that rules for upgrade programs may vary based on different factors. Therefore, it is advised to check with the company before taking a final decision.

If your phone does not have any warranty

In case, your phone does not have any insurance, warranty or upgrade options, then choosing a local repair shop is the best choice for you. In this process, you just need to make sure you chose a firm iPhone Screen Repair Cardiff wisely. Many technicians and shops offer this service to you. But you need to make sure you choose a firm that has positive reviews and response for the shop. You can also take opinion from your friends to choose a shop that is known to provide the best quality on their iPhone screen repairing work.


If you ever break the iPhone screen, you have plenty of options for that. But you can get the best advantages of those options only if you smartly do your research. Hence, if you ever get yourself in such situation, make sure you take a breath and look for options with a calm mind instead of panicking about it.

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