Whole-Home Wireless Connectivity

Wireless network technology is here to stay and the need for super-fast connectivity is increasing daily. Given the level of dependency on WIFI within business and homes, it’s an amazing wonder how we managed without it all this time.

WIFI and broadband internet are actually two different technology concepts although in most cases, both come from the same router. Internet is often referred to as broadband and this is supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) via the phone or cable services (such as Virgin Media). WIFI, on the other hand, is a radio wave signal that is generated by a router or access points within your home or office. This means most people who only have physical network connection from the non-WIFI router will have internet but not wireless connectivity. We offer PC repairs in Cardiff and Laptop repairs in Cardiff. We also offer iPhone screen replacement and Samsung screen replacement.

WIFI Dependence and What This Means for Us
These days, a wireless network is powering a whole host of stuff within offices and homes, including iPads, phones, tablets, laptops, refrigerators, IoT hardware, CCTV and many other types of gadgets. Imagine having an environment where you can communicate with the external work and get things done wire-free. Imagine what it was like with all the cables running around the numerous measures that had to be put in place to mitigate the risk of trips and falls. For many people, the presence of a wireless network is truly amazing and for others, there are concerns about security and health factors.

In this blog, we will focus on wireless networking as a solution for homes and business and not delve into the other areas mentioned above, although these may become posts within their own right – would be interesting to see the developments.

Wireless network signal is internal to your premises service and is really your responsibility and not that of the service provider. This means once the internet is available within your home or office, you have total freedom to boost wireless network signal throughout your home or keep it as is.

With more and more devices supporting WIFI connectivity, user demands for a reliable whole-home wireless network are on the increase and with the expert help from a wireless network specialist in Cardiff, you too can have WIFI connectivity everywhere. This means you could have a hybrid network comprising Ethernet cables and access points for seamless internet connectivity throughout your office or home.

How Does Wireless Network Operate?
By default, the WIFI signal generated by most routers does not provide sufficient signal for full home wireless coverage. This can be seen in situations where there is patchy connectivity or frequent drop-outs within your office or home. When this happens, it is very likely that dead-spots are present in areas of the building close to those trouble points.

It is common to experience technology frustrations in areas where the wireless network is well but nothing you do seems to work. This is especially true for locations where it’s not possible to move your existing workstation setup to a different location that is closer to the router. We offer PC repairs in Cardiff and Laptop repairs in Cardiff.

To overcome this challenge, some users resort to home network plugs and wireless boosters to improve WIFI connectivity and to a fair extent, these do work. The challenge comes in when there are larger properties and these boosters are not able to create consistent virtual network circuits using the power line (electrical mains), or the signal is interrupted frequently by the noise of high intensity, resulting in unstable network performance.

WIFI Specialists for Whole Home and Business Wireless Network Connectivity
At Laptop Top Repairs Cardiff, we are one of the leading WiFi specialists in Cardiff of offering a range of wireless network solutions for patchy networks and intermittent WIFI connectivity. We have setup numerous wireless network solutions for residential and business customers and in some cases manage their network on an ongoing basis.

Having a Wireless network expert in Cardiff to help you can save on the need to deal with technical complexities or manage solutions that you simply expect to work permanently. We can deliver secure, reliable and robust WiFi systems for your home or office environment.

How Do You Get Whole Home Wireless Network?
In the instance, our engineer can visit your location – business or home – and carry out a WIFI site survey to identify existing dead-spots, competing for neighbouring signal strengths and determine any noise-to-signal ratio that can affect your wireless network solution. This survey will also provide us with valuable insights about the number of wireless access points required for whole-home wireless coverage within your environment as well as a physical location for the WIFI installation to work properly.

The beauty about wireless survey is they work in your favour as give us the opportunity to deliver a wireless installation which is aesthetically pleasing for your home. After your WIFI assessment, we will design your system and provide you with a fixed price for implementing the solution as a project.

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, some wireless networks actually depend on the installation of network cables for seamless whole-home WIFI connectivity to work?

In such cases, wireless access points use Ethernet cables that are routed to a central network device such as a router, switch or patch panel for them to work. Given what you now know about wireless network and how they work for whole-home internet connectivity, what’s really happening with your network setup? We also offer iPhone screen replacement and Samsung screen replacement.

Say Bye-Bye to Poor Wireless Network and Hello to Whole Home Connectivity

If you are having wireless network challenges and not sure where to help, simply send us your enquiry and we’d be happy to put a robust solution in place for you. To get started, simply call us now on 02920 026154 or visit us at the Laptop & PC Repair Point Centre in Cardiff.